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3D Text - Summer

Inserted 3D text design within landscape scene. Original photograph taken in Winslow, Maine. Project created using Adobe InDesign for CSMT 425 Advanced Image Editing class at UMGC in December 2022.

Demonstrated here is the use of 3D text design tools within an existing photograph. This piece of digital artwork shows techniques I have learned using text effects within Adobe Photoshop. In this composition, I used effects such as levels, layers, 3D text, masks, creating smart objects, shadows, and texture effects all to integrate it inside the nature scene. Making the text feel like part of the natural surroundings shows creativity, patience, and attention to detail as well as what makes sense within a composition. This photo also makes sure to use the angle of the sun and its reflection of the water in the background and use that light source to make sense of the shadow placement.

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