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Sample Social Media Content - The Trevor Project

Sample social media content post for The Trevor Project. Created using Canva for MRKT 458 Social Media Marketing class at UMGC in September 2022.

The creation of content for social media varies from company to company. For this project, I chose to create a sample for The Trevor Project who provide 24/7/365 suicide prevention resources for LGBTQ+ youths. As a well-established organization, their marketing and social media is pretty set when it comes to the type of content they post. They have a unique color palette which helps them stand out from other organizations. That color palette was the foundation of the design, showing that I can work using existing business materials to create content for a company. This sample content was created using Canva software, which is very relevant in the digital media and marketing industry.

*This content was not created under the direction or request of The Trevor Project. This was a sample created for academic purposes.

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