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STORM - Movie Poster Sample

Sample movie poster design for fictional X-Men comic book series. This work was created from inspiration of the X-Men series as fan art. Created using Adobe InDesign in CMST 325 Image Editing class at UMGC in September 2022.

This fictional superhero movie poster sample demonstrates the use of my imagination when it comes to content inspired from existing work. The Marvel and X-Men franchises are highly successful. Using this comic book franchise as inspiration for this project was difficult as the bar is set very high for art involving these beloved characters, especially when it comes to the quality of the design. I chose to use Storm, an existing character in the X-Men franchise who does not currently have a spin-off series. The poster shows her as the main character in her own film. The design uses a combination of fan art, free web images, all combined into one composition using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign. The tools and techniques involved in this project included layer masks, gradient tool, resizing images, selection tool, and color changing.

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